Directional Isolation VR (PC)

Drifting in space. You reach a new Star System. No navigation charts, and no idea where to go. Thankfully, C.A.I.S.N., your personal ship A.I. is there with you. Wait, take a moment, and survey your surroundings. You're not in danger, and you don't sense that will change. In 3D VR Directional Isolation, you get a chance to explore the Ulrich Star System. Use your equipment to grab the ship's control and levers as you navigate your ship through the asteroids and around the planet. The game is intended to provide a somewhat realistic simulation of flying within an imagined version of space. The experience is geared towards calm and relaxing gameplay and can be played offline, and sitting.


NKT Studio


Noah Maestre



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Julio 10, 2020

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