VRWorkout (PC)

Transform your living room into a personal gym

VRWorkout is a fitness rhythm game with full body engagement.

Jumping // Squatting // Pushups // Side Planks // Crunches // Running // Burpees and Sprinting

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk! This game does not check if you bump into your surroundings. There is a lot of movement involved since this is a physical workout game, which bears the risk of injury. Always use common sense when performing the movements inside the game. If you feel that some exercise are too dangerous DO NOT PERFORM them. You acknowledge that this software is free and you are using it at your own riskHow to play[/h2]

If you are just trying it out for the first time you can hold the controllers in your hands, just don't expect to be able to hit the hand cues during the pushups and probably avoid the burpees.
Once you are comfortable and want to move forward with a more serious workout either use VIVE Trackers with wrist straps or strap the the controllers to your wrists in a safe manner.

Try to hit the hand cues to the beat of the music.
The head cue has to be touched with your head. Just touch it, you don't need for headbutting
Run in place to receive point multipliers!
If you want to switch out an exercise during play double tap the new exercise twice in the exercise selector to your right.The optimal time to hit the cues is when the marker that rotates around the cue touches the second one.

Upon start you will see several different blocks. Touch one of them at the desired difficulty spot to select a level and difficulty. To disable exercises switch them on/off with the switches to your left.

Exiting a stage during play: On the top of the left blue pole is a sign to exit a stage.

Play with your own music in Freeplay mode* Put on some music in the background (maybe using the nullnMusic player) and hit the blue drum in the main menu to the beat of the music. Once the beat is set select one of the freeplay modes to your right. They will send the cues according to the BPM you set but without playing any music.Current features 3 difficulty levels
Automatic player height detection
Audio instructions that tell the player when to switch positions
Increase points by running in place or by moving more
Freeplay mode without music, so you can play to your own background music
Experimental heartrate integration


Michael Gschwandtner



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