Adventure Farm VR (PC)

Adventure Farm VR is a full Virtual Reality game designed from the ground up to provide an immersive and fun experience! Whether you are into farming, animals or just good plain fun you cant go wrong with Adventure Farm VR!

What started as a small concept rapidly expanded into what we have now, Adventure Farm VR. AFVR takes place on a rural farm that, at first glance, seems normal. Of course, we have all types of farm animals to feed, pet and interact with. We also have gardens in which to grow crops and in turn sell for money! Earn enough cash and you can unlock new upgrades such as additional gardens to increase your crop flow! Or, if you are tired of bending over, why not unlock and buy the legendary “Veggie-Vac”! Harvesting has never been so easy!

With 11 unlockable mini-games and more to come in future updates, prepare to be completely engulfed and memorized! Have you ever wanted to milk a cow but don’t want to deal with the mess or smells? How about riding a horse around shooting hay targets with an egg-shooter (aka EGG-ZOOKA!)?









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Julio 1, 2020

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