Kongfusion (PC)

KONGFUSION: KUNG FU MADNESS IN VIRTUAL REALITY!Kongfusion is an action packed kung fu rhythm experience where the player takes on a horde of space kung fu masters. Slam into your opponents on the beat and show everyone who's boss with a variety of weapons.

Battle with your fists, the kung fu staff or cut through your enemies with daggers.
Fight alien kung fu masters while dodging projectiles.
Beat all high scores in arcade mode or test your luck and stamina in infinite mode.
Fight in multiple futuristic settings designed to fit the music
A young trainee starts all maps on easy and leaves a master at hardcore.
Kung fu is a serious sport, Kongfusion builds actual stamina.MASTER THE ART OF KUNG FU:Step into Kongfusion on easy mode and grow into a master on hardcore mode. Leave a sea of alien bodies as you complete your path to gloryA VARIETY OF WEAPONSA true kung fu artist can yield a variety of weapons. You shall do so as well, your bare hands will help you unlock multiple weapons to obliviate your foesA MUSIC WORKOUTSlam, punch and cut those bastards to the rhythm of the music. Dance and martial art were never so closely linked. Make it a morning routine and see those pounds fly away.


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Julio 29, 2020

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