Ozential (Android)

Oz-VR offers several virtual reality-based mind-body therapies to improve cognitive well-being and help people connect to more perfect reality.
Yoga and Meditation: Oz-VR’s personal yoga therapists create harmony between mind, body, and spirit to help you feel calmer. Meditation offers a peaceful, fully immersive environment that alleviates mental and emotional stress from the physical world around you.
Virtual Vacation: Take a guided tour of Rome or explore the world in 360 immersive reality! Oz-VR transports you to vibrant, exciting, and emotionally enriching places.

Art Therapy: Look up with wonder at the frescos or stroll through galleries. From modern art to masterpieces, you can wander through Oz-VR’s museum rooms.
Spiritual Journey: Oz-VR’s spiritual therapy allows you to immerse yourself in religious journeys around the world. These journeys offer transcendent experiences of spiritual powers of ancient places without ever having to leave home.