Shooty Skies Overdrive (PC)

Escape the arcade in Shooty Skies Overdrive, an action-packed VR shoot ‘em up. Dodge and weave your way through dynamically generated enemy waves and blast them at point-blank range. An incredible journey through colorful retro worlds and ridiculous alien invaders.

● A room-scale BULLET HELL shooter experience, inspired by 1980s arcade RETRO classics.
● With your spare hand, snatch a POWER-UP out of the air to get the jump on your enemies. A CHAINSAW? A YO-YO? Is that a SHARK ON A FREAKIN’ STICK?
● Want to just chill in your armchair? That’s OK! Switch to CHILL difficulty and take it easy, couch potato.
● Want an extra challenge? Just switch the game difficulty to OVERDRIVE! (Nice knowing you BTW)
● But you’re not done yet... Go back and fly challenging side missions to unlock an entire SQUADRON of diverse pilots.
● Support for LIV mixed reality.




Mighty Games


Mighty Games


Steam Oculus

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Shooty Skies Overdrive (Quest)

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Agosto 7, 2020

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