Suppressor (PC)

What does it feel to be a monster hunter in a fantasy world? Try this inspiring experience with Surpressor VR game for HTC Vive system! Beautiful fantasy graphics, realistic weapon mechanics, spectacular effects, all this creates a feeling of complete immersion!

From the starting location of the fishing hut, you can choose an equipment and move to one of the hunting grounds. Each location is inhabited by different types of monsters that surround you and attack from all sides. Use different types of weapons and approaches to defeat them!

over 4 different hunt locations: desert, forest, garden, coast + start location
over 60 different monsters
over 20 different weapons
over 6 different weapon types: swords, shields, bows, spears, axes, wands
Good luck in hunting! And suppress them all!




BratAndronik Uberbax



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Junio 6, 2020

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