Forsaken Spire (PC)

For decades stories have been told of a castle in the middle of the desert, perched atop an impossible grassy hill. All who have visited the castle have not returned. Those who have seen the castle at a distance describe a fantastic spire protruding up from it, though no two descriptions of this spire are alike. Some even claim the spire does not exist at all. You have resolved to find the truth of this place, and set out into the desert...FEATURESPHYSICSOur physics simulation allows any climbing techniques you can think of! You're not limited to predefined holds that we have placed in the world; instead the physical shape and surface material of an object will define how your hands interact with it.

RANDOM GENERATIONA custom built tower generator allows for almost unlimited combinations of towers to climb, with many more pieces to come.

MOVEMENTNo teleporting or standing still. Your hands are your primary tools of movement. Use them like feet or, of course, to climb the Spire! If you’re new to VR this might be slightly uncomfortable.


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Lusus Digital



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Agosto 6, 2020

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