Blast the Past (PC)

In Blast The Past you operate a wrecking crane in VR to destroy the last remaining old building in a city of new skyscrapers, so push buttons, turn wheels and make sure the ball hits its target!

The last remaining old house in this city of glass has to be removed for the future of the city. You will carry out the sentence.
As a demolition specialist, your task is the destruction of the house but in order to preserve the past, it is recommended that you also collect the remaining items of historical importance.Features
Control heavy machinery
Dynamic Destruction
Music tapes for every taste
Tons of interactable stuff
Secrets and lots to discover
A team of 7 students, consisting of developers, sound engineers, and a voice actress realized Blast The Past in three months as a semester project at h_da.

Philipp Stenger  -  Game Designer/Engineer
János Weyhknecht  - 3D Artist/Vision Keeper
Marvin Spahn -  3D Artist
Nicholas Nickel  - 3D Artist
Kylan Klein Lenderink  -  Sound Engineer
Lucca Riitano -  Sound Engineer
Isabell Starke  -  Voice Actress

Blast the Past features awesome music from:

Admiral Termo - Proximity Error
Braessluft - Pro Caro
F A S - Merturio
Phizzy - Eastscape
Soundink - Sunrise
Spectrum feat. D. Wöhler - Mark VII
Studiogegner - Maditaktion
Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers

Blast The Past was made using Unreal Engine 4® and makes use of Nvidia Blast® for the destruction and Wwise® for the sound implementation.


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