Spectrum VR (PC)

Spectrum VR is a puzzle for the passage of which you have to master unusual mechanics in VR. We are inspired by games like The Talos Principle, The Witness, and Antichamber to create.

The game is at an early stage of development, but you can already try playing a "alpha demo" to which one of the levels is presented in part. In the final version, it is planned to enable the player to explore different worlds, solving “puzzle levels” in them. As you progress through the world, the player will find out the history of the place in which he is. All worlds are connected by one common hub.

During development, the game is tested on oculus rift S. We cannot guarantee performance on other helmets yet, but closer to the final version we will make support for all popular models of VR devices.

Please report on the forum about any problems found in the demo.

The release is planned in the winter.




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Another Reality



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Mayo 31, 2020

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