Futbolín Revolution (PC)

A dirty old abandoned garage is the setting for the virtual table football world championship known as Futbolín Revolution. You can compete against the machine, with friends or with strangers. Every victory counts to take you to the top of the Football Revolution. Futbolin Revolution is an exclusive VR table football game There are two game modes: single player and multiplayer.Single Player ModeYou play only against the machine. There are three different difficulty levels. The first player to score 6 goals wins the match. Will you be able to get some trophies for your showcase? Multiplayer ModeYou need an Internet connection and a basic registration to enter the multiplayer mode and enjoy playing against people from all over the world. You can create a room for two to eight players simultaneously, or select a created room from the room list menu. Share the room name with your friends and try to play with them. The multiplayer game mode has an automatic Voice Chat System that you can turn on/off at any time from the Game Options Menu Panel. Improve your statistics to appear on the list of the best players and compete with your friends.






Steam Oculus

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Junio 12, 2020

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