Zombie Slayer VR (PC)

Zombie Slayer VR is an immersive first person shooter where you survive against endless waves of zombies. Team up with friends or survive alone to try and reach new records! The waves get harder as you go, so how long can you last? Kill zombies, earn points, buy weapons, unlock new rooms, and survive!

Currently this game includes 14 weapons, 1 map, and 1 stat upgrade (stat upgrades are the machines with levers. They provide boosts to hp, damage, ammo, etc)Key FeaturesZombie Slayer VR is in it's earliest stages of Alpha, meaning many changes are expected to come. This includes:

- New maps
- Gun customization
- New guns
- Extra abilities
- Zombie bosses
- Easter eggs
- Bug fixes


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Junio 11, 2020

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