Painting Life (PC)

Painting Life

Art is hard to understand. But what if you could step inside a painting, or lie on the artist’s bed, staring at the images she sees as she drifts off to sleep? Would your view of the painting change? Would your view of yourself stay the same?

Painting Life is an exploratory story based on real life. Using photogrammetry and binaural audio, we’ve captured a moment in time of Emma Webster, a rising American artist. The user starts in the art gallery where she hosted her first solo show after graduating from Yale Painting School with an MFA in 2017. One of her paintings shifts as you look at it -- and you can jump into it. Once inside, you find yourself in Emma’s studio, now six inches tall. One of Emma’s sculptures, a clay figurine called Noodle-Arm, guides you through the story as you go deeper into Emma’s spaces, her process, and her mind.