Link Wars (PC)

Link Wars is a multiplayer real-time board game with an extra single player puzzle campaign.

Action happens in real-time with cooldowns on a board where players drop tokens, fire rockets, build walls and rotate it. Players score by building sequences to get incrementally more points as the sequence become longer. Combos multiply score.

The online competitive mode is fast paced and challenging. The single player campaign is relaxed and requires ingenious thinking.Features include: Free to play. NOT pay-to-win.
Skills based with no RNG.
Competitive ranked online multiplayer mode.
Challenging puzzles in campaign mode.
5 Unlockable Tokens.
10 Unlockable Boards.
Selectable background scenarios.
Original music soundtracks.
Virtual Reality (optional DLC).


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Lunar Chili



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Mayo 30, 2020

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