Axeson's Fury VR (PC)

You are Axeson Fury, just a normal person going about your business supporting the wife and unborn baby.

Overnight, society turns crazy. There are soldiers, police, civilians running around killing everyone but seeming in a coordinated way. You have no choice. You haul out your two fifties and use them to escape the city with your family. This will require some cold blooded action. You must fight your way through the burning city streets, through the train yard into the suburbs, over a bridge and into the country. It is a journey that will take you from your state of complacency to eventually become a hero of the people. Someone who has had the guts to stand up and be counted at a time when hiding in the basement is what most are doing.

You are Axeson and an unknown rage that rises from deep within you comes to light through the realisation that forces beyond your control are out to hurt you and your family.

Experience the full impact of a modern realistic virtual reality environment with weapons and environmental opportunities that will require every bit of your wit and skill as you fight for your life.FEATURESClassic rails shooter, designed for VR and developed using both Vive and Oculus headsets and respective controllers
New to VR, a unique arcade style locomotion system
21 Levels of hardcore FPS VR action with unique interesting environments
Big guns, helicopters, drones, spider tanks, spider bombs, mechs, droids, zombies, mercs...
Powerups - slowmo, continuous fire, health, miniguns, grenade launchers, various traps
Replay many times to improve difficulty level - be a 4 star Axeson!
Use the environment to overcome overwhelming enemy opposition!
Guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and you coming back for more!

Enemy run at you, pop up behind obstacles, fire from various environmental positions.
The custom locomotion system moves you forward from position to position as you overcome the enemy forces.
You choose how you defeat enemy and what weapon you use. Weapons, environment, traps, powerups, various explosive items and even some enemy types can be used to defeat the opposition.

You acquire weapons as you advance through the levels.
You switch weapons in your in-game gun menu based on range or preference.
The game focuses on fast paced shooting and as such has a easy to use arcade style weapon reloading system
Depending on the difficulty level you play on, the weapons have more or less ammo before a reload is required.

The game has 10 Episodes. Each episode has 2 to 3 chapters (21 unique levels).
Each episode has a comic based storyline which plays as the level loads and ties the game levels together.
Each level increases in intensity with stronger enemy and bigger guns. It just gets better and better!
The in-game dialog drives the game forward and embeds you in the alter ego of John Axeson!

The game encourages starting at a low level of difficulty and as you get better and better, replay levels to get a higher star rating . The lowest difficulty level is 1 star and the highest is 4 stars.


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Axeson Games


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Mayo 1, 2020

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