Henchman For Hire (PC)

Henchman for Hire is a first person driving VR game where you take on the role of a henchman for the super villain Dr. BAD. Traverse Peace City alongside your trusty V.P.S. (Villain Positioning System™) -- and sabotage Dr. BAD's archnemesis, Justiceman!. Drive, jump and sabotage Peace City while traveling on a surprisingly resilient moped!

Not Convinced!? Meet Dr. BAD himself!

Activate buttons to complete tasks and sabotage Peace City!

Do you like the idea of working for the world's greatest super villain? Isn't the fact that the "bad guy always loses" unfair!? Do you want to ride around on a moped doing dastardly things!?! Than we have the job for you!

Together we'll put a stop to Justiceman and all his dumb hero nonsense! Dr. BAD is standing by...

NOTICE: No actual wages promised for serving as a henchman. Health care, benefits, and sick leave not guaranteed. Uniforms not provided.


Secret Lab 72



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Abril 23, 2020

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