Agent of Chernobyl (PC)

In the age of cold war you are a secret agent of the KGB, who just got an important mission to go to Chernobyl, where the reactor has just broken down. You have to be fast and brave to achieve the objective of this mission. You will start in an area where you can practice movement and defense techniques; soon you will be capable to defeat your enemies and also your fears. Over the course of the whole game you can rely on your inventory system, provided with the cutting edge items the KGB gave you. During your adventure you also have to use vehicles to reach your destinations. You will have to face your own fears and anxieties under these circumstances. Save the world, get the information you need, and be the most successful Agent of Chernobyl!

Our future plans for the game:
-co-op multiplayer
-difficulty levels
-oculus home items


Lanoga Game Studio



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Abril 9, 2020

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