Boom Boomerang (PC)

Boom Boomerang is a virtual reality arcade-style boomerang game. Master the skill of throwing and catching virtual boomerangs to destroy bombs before they explode.

Unlock new boomerangs by collecting awards in Arcade Mode, test your limits in Classic Mode, and fend off the assault in Onslaught Mode.


- Three different game modes: Arcade, Classic and Onslaught.
- Unlock boomerangs and trails with awards gained in Arcade Mode.
- An aim-assist mechanic which makes throwing the boomerang easier but maintains challenging gameplay.
- Global and local leaderboards for Classic Mode and every level in Arcade Mode.
- A unique setting with a dynamic sky and cloud environment and a day/night cycle and an evolving music track.

Please note: this game is produced and maintained by a single individual, and the pace of updates during Early Access will reflect this. However, any bugs will be addressed as swiftly as possible. If you have any feedback, please get in touch in the discussion forums.


Fractal Interactive


Steam Oculus

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