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Watch it “burn”Experience a fire in a building and how that fire is controlled with the use of a fire protection system. Explore the operations of various systems including Dry, Wet, and Pre-action systems. Learn how each individual component aids in system operation and allows the system to operate effectively to control the fire. Witness the importance of proper sprinkler placements and their role in controlling building fires. Get hands onLearn interactively by placing a valve in working service.Get a feel for system components such as ball valves handles, shut off valves, and internal assemblies by interacting with them in Virtual Reality.Train yourself to operate the various interfaces of fire protection systems. Trusted above allFor almost 100 years, Viking has led the industry in the design and manufacture of the finest fire protection products. And our products will be hard at work for the next 100 years and beyond – providing the peace of mind that comes with worry-free fire protection.


Viking Group Inc.



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Abril 8, 2020

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