PST VR (Primary Surgical Treatment) (PC)


This simulator provides the best user experience and functionality by modern standards following basic VR principles. It also has innovational soft-body physics, bleeding-edge quality models of the surgical instruments and both training and test mode, allowing the user to immerse himself with his current task and quickly learn how to perform required wound treatment.
Every important action is separated by different steps, so, if you fail on some you can remember it and return back next time, to improve your skill. Training mode has all required hints, so, even a first time VR user can complete this simulator.

Technical reqs

The simulator currently supports 3 default variations of Oculus VR headsets (Rift CV1, Rift S, Oculus Quest with Oculus link), requires VR ready PC hardware and at least 2x2 meters of free space for a comfortable play. The simulator is playable with other headsets supporting Steam VR software, but you may have issues.


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Abril 20, 2020

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