Survival Denied (PC)

Survival Denied is a casual zombie shooter, designed primarily with VR in mind. Made by gamers, for gamers!
Wide choice of weapons, perks and power-ups make the game cool and re-playable.
Dive in and try to survive as long as you can!

We are releasing in Early Access and will adding new features that YOU want!

Current Features:
15 Weapons which gradually unlock as you get on with the carnage!
8 Unique perks (some with more than one level), which allow you to develop your character as you play!
8 Smashing power-ups to help you with the crowd control!
5 Different environments for your enjoyment!
Large variety of zombie types and zombie skins!
Global and local high scores will tell you how you stack up against your friends and the world!
Survival mode - stay alive as long as you can! - Everyone is infected with zombie disease, that includes you ! But worry not, military comes with a rescue, collect air-dropped antidote every time you start deteriorating and you will be fine! (that is, as long as you shoot the zombies trying to eat you ;) )
Explosive barrels - because... REASONS!!!
Forward rendering with beautiful MSAA!
Smooth Locomotion - NO TELEPORTATION
MixCast integration for all your streaming needs!
VR Support. Seated, standing or room scale. Play as you please.

How to play:
You start in "Menu" area. We avoid using classic graphic user interface as we believe it doesn't work well in VR.
Instead you will find objects which can be interacted with, within the scene:
Gun shop - You can pick unlocked weapons up from this location. Red weapon avatar means weapon is locked, blue means unlocked. Number under the avatar indicates the score needed to unlock the weapon. When you are within pickup range, you will see blue particles raising from the base of the pickup. Press the grip button on your controller to pick the weapon (you can have a gun in each hand)

Settings tent - Five quality levels can be activated here, each represented by number of blue bars. Red "nuke" item resets your level unlocks. Press grip button on your controller to activate desired option.

Level selection - A blue or red mark followed by a miniature of a map. Blue light means level is unlocked and playable, red means level is locked. To unlock level, you must achieve score of 30000 or more in previous level. To load the level, walk into the middle of the miniature and press the grip button on your controller.

Level Up - Once you kill some zombies, you will be granted with a perk selection event, simply walk onto the perk of your choice and you will be granted an ability/increase in stats.

Power-Ups - Some zombies will drop temporary power-ups upon death. Walk over them to collect them. Those will help you in your struggle against the horde!

Leaderboards - Those tombstones show how you stack up, on each level, against your friends and globally.
To exit the game, simply walk close to the EXIT on the "Menu" level and press grip button on your controller.
We will let you work out, what all zombies, perks, power-ups and weapons do ;)



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