VR Mummy Girl (PC)

A mummy girl who has been asleep deep inside a pyramid for more than 1000 years wakes up.
She doesn’t know what era is it is, who she is, or the reason she's there.
She keeps walking, trying to find the exit.

Swing your arms down to stretch the bandage, grab the gimmick with the bandage and jump.
The realistic VR and high-speed movement are exhilarating and it feels good.
Once you get the hang of it, you will come to know the fun of the game.◆Stretching bandageYou are a mummy girl wrapped with bandage.
By swinging the controller down, you can stretch the bandage from your arm and release the bandage in the direction you aim at.
You can put out the fire of the torch and grab a gimmick with the bandage.◆High speed jump movementAfter grabbing the gimmick with the bandage, pull the controller toward you.
In this way, you can jump yourself towards that gimmick.
Walking speed is slow in this game, however you can move refreshingly by this high-speed jump.◆Climbing the wall / TrapezeThe gimmicks that you can grab are not only on the floor.
You can climb the wall by grabbing gimmicks that are placed on the wall and jumping again and again.
Grabbing a gimmick that are placed on the ceiling lets you fly in the air like a trapeze in the circus.◆Trap that blocks the wayThere are various traps that block your way.
For example, there are cliffs that you need to jump over, moving floor, moving walls,and thorn traps that can be damaged when hit.
Sometimes it's like a puzzle.◆Various game stagesThere are eight stages in this game.
It starts with a tutorial, a straightforward simple stage, a three-dimensional complicated stage, a stage climbing up the tower, and a battle with the boss.
A variety of stages are waiting for you.◆The rank of clearing the stageEach stage has a result when you clear it.
The rank S, A, B, and C will be announced according to the clearing time, the number of game overs, and the number of items obtained along the way.
If you still want to play after clearing all stages, let's try getting rank S for all of them.


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