DreamFly (PC)

A, B camera alignment (look forward when you press A or B).
X, Y - exit.

DreamFly: The game that simulates flights in your dreams! Immerse into the atmosphere of traveling through the world of dreams. But before you start your adventure, you will need to, well, learn how to fly. At first, it will seem to be impossible to take off. But don’t worry! After some practice you will fly with almost no effort, enjoy the process, and, maybe, even master some aerobatics!

Playing this game requires physical activity. So you can treat it as fitness!

The game basically has no explicit controls. You have a pair of wings attached to your hands (motion controllers). The rest depend on you movements and physics (especially aerodynamics). If you want to take off try flapping your wings (have you noticed how the birds do it ?????). If you want to change direction, think how to position your wings, so the airflow turns you into desired direction.

Hint: after reaching a certain speed, you can simply glide with no effort!
Hint: a quick way to gain speed is to fly up, and then dive, until you reach the desired speed.

Note: if you see that the wings are misaligned (which can make flying difficult), you need to stay straight and press A or X button.
Note: This game is designed using Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers. Other VR platforms are not yet supported.
This game is in early access. It includes one level with sandbox gameplay.

For the new players, It is advisable to have someone to insure against falling during the game. Otherwise, if there is a risk of falling, it is better to play sitting.
The early access version of this game can cause motion sickness. If you begin to feel motion sickness, it is recommended to interrupt the gaming session. It is advisable to begin the game with the short sessions.


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