Color Invader (PC)

Powerful orbs are all over the universe. The orbs contain enormous charge to destroy whole universe. As a captain, your job is to defuse them before they explode. The potential difference appears as different colors of the orbs. Equal color attracts to each others and defuse. We need to be smart and defuse them as fast as possible. Figure out a way to make a chain reaction by tweaking the potential of the orbs so they can defuse.

Quick guide:
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Red = Violet
Yellow + Blue = Green

* Chain reaction with 3 strikes makes Electric Shock.
* Chain reaction with 4 strikes makes Fire Explosion.
* Chain reaction with 5 strikes makes Color Bomb.

A - Next Color
B - Hold to pull

There are hundreds of locations that are under attack, and I know we can make it and free the universe. Get aboard and save the universe!


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Tan Digital



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