VirtualCast (PC)

What is VirtualCast?
Free yourself from physicality, stream as whoever you desire to be.
VirtualCast is the VR live communication service that will turn your desire into reality.

Be a virtual character and broadcast
VirtualCast will allow you to easily transform into a virtual personality within a VR world.
All you need is a VR headset and a compatible PC. You can choose your appearance from pre-installed models, as well as from models uploaded on 3D model sharing service The Seed Online (currently only available in Japanese).

Communicate with other streamers with the “Join” feature”
You can join other streamer’s studio with the “Join” feature to make your stream even more interesting. You can simultaneously stream from another streamer's studio or just enjoy doodling together. VirtualCast is more fun when you are together.

Communicate with viewers via text chat!
Viewer’s comments submitted to Niconico Live or Twitter will spawn as 3D objects in the studio. You can grab and throw the comments to play catch or use them as a mean to have a call-and-response interaction with your viewers.

Create your own items and play!
You can import items uploaded to THE SEED ONLINE into VirtualCast.
Have fun with items created by other users, or you can be the one to create.
Even embedding interactive scripts is possible. The limit is your imagination!

*This software does not include a video streaming feature. For video streaming, use streaming software like OBS.


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