Wet Dog Corp (PC)

Welcome to Wet Dog Corp! The only corporation that pays you to wash our dogs.

Race against the clock and clean up these mucky pups! Dirty dogs are rolling in and it’s your job to wash them down, get them dry, and send them back out into the world. It’s a simple task… until it’s not.

Better than petting the dog: you clean the dog!
Tools for suds, water for rinsing, a dryer for fluffing, and bath bombs for super-fast cleaning.
13 types of dogs: pugs, corgies, chihuahuas, and just a bunch of filthy mutts.
8 levels set within a corporate environment, ideal for muddy doggos.
Wet Dog Corp was created by Virtual Reality Development students at Ringling College of Art and Design with mentorship by Flight School Studio.





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Abril 1, 2020

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