Exurgo (PC)

Exurgo is rogue-lite shooter built exclusively for Virtual Reality Headsets
Earth has been betrayed by it’s alien benefactors. Their gift to humanity, a monolithic space elevator known as the Spire, was a trap. Hopelessly outgunned, Earth’s only chance is to turn the alien’s weapons against them. Your mission: take control of an enemy assault bot, fight your way up the Spire and activate it’s self-destruct.KEY FEATURESEndless Replayability - The Spire has hundreds of thousands of floors, each procedurally generated using a variety of algorithms for different level types.
Mod-able Weapons - Collect hundreds of different power-ups that combine into millions of unique load-outs.
Omni-Hook - Use this tool to collect power-ups, disarm shields, grab enemies or dash around the environment.
Permadeath - Death sends you back to the ground floor, losing everything you collected on your ascent.
Progressive Skill Tree - After each death, use the Fabricator to permanently enhance your bot with powerful skills and upgrades.
VR Optimized User Interface - Change your load-out using a seamless in-world UI that never breaks immersion.
Free Locomotion - Traverse the game world using touch-pads or joysticks.


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