In - Sight (PC)

What does it mean to be different than a human? How does it feel like to be the non-live being? How does it feel like to be a monster? How does it feel like to be me? Most importantly, how will it feel like to be the un-known things?

You start from a room with one painting on the wall. After a while, you will be teleport to one of the four looping rooms, its an infinite loop if you keep going to the next room. You will find out than your avatar changes each time you go into different rooms.

The walls of the rooms are not like the physical walls in a way that it cannot prevent you from going through it. However, your hands do keeps your body within the rooms, see if you can find a way to see the outside of the room using your head.


Liang Zou


Liang Zou



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Febrero 6, 2020

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