Mister Shizz: Don't Let The Shizz Hit The Fan! (PC)

Late one night in a long forgotten chemical waste plant, a streak accident occurred when an abandoned poop and an ordinary fan came into contact with nuclear waste, instantly creating a rivalry between the two that would change the bathroom forever...

Race your way to freedom on the Toiletdega SuperSpeedway T.P. track and make your escape from the Toxic Fan Monster Gourmand; he eats people like Mister Shizz for breakfast and blows bathrooms up for lunch!

If you keep moving and collecting Golden Corn Coins you just might be able to take the Big Dump into Toilet Heaven, Flushing your way into
Super Streakdom – but watch out for Flying Plungers! Puddles of Pink Pepto! and Gnarly Natural Gas! - They’re trying to slow you down and make you slip.

Whatever you do just keep swinging those arms or SPLAT!!! Nuclear Meltdown!

How long can you last in this endless runner game before Mister Shizz hits the Fan?


Mieron Studios


Mieron Studios


Steam Oculus

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Febrero 7, 2020

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