Orders of Magnitude (PC)

The Orders of Magnitude is an educational and relaxing Virtual Reality experience which will show you our Universe at many different scales.

Have you ever wondered what the whole Universe looks like? With the myriad Galaxies, including our Milky Way galaxy, containing billions of Stars, and our own Solar System? See the Earth from above, including the International Space Station and an Astronaut in orbit. What does his Brain look like? What about its Neural Network, all the Neuron Cells and their DNA? Have you seen an Electron Cloud surrounding a tiny Atomic Nucleus, filled with Protons and Neutrons? And what lies at even smaller scales?

You can see an artistic visualization of all of these in this project.

This is still an early access application with the following features being developed:
* Narrated voice-over
* More detailed models
* Different zooming paths to take, which will add much more content


Ouroboro Soft Inc.


Oculus Steam