Virtual Rambler: The Mine (PC)

Virtual Rambler, Vrambler for friends, is an adventure game, which aims to give the player an exploratory experience without pressure.

Vrambler provides several future chapters, the first chapter is titled The Mine, which as you can guess will be set in a natural and mining area.

In the game you can run, jump, fall, but it is not a frenetic game, you can do these things at your leisure, with your times.

In VRamber you will not encounter enemies to face, you will not be followed by anyone, and no one will try to scare you.

All you have to do is enjoy the setting as you walk inside it and interact with what you find.

The exploration will present some challenges, to reach some areas you will have to evaluate the right path, and interact with the right objects.

A system of objectives will help you understand what goals you can achieve by anticipating them in the description.

Enjoy the environment, enjoy the exploration, enjoy the ramble.







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