Visby Archer (PC)

Grab your bow and immerse yourself into advanced archery! Become an instinctive archery master and be prepared when the enemy arrives.

In the 14th Century, the Baltic island Gotland is torn by a century-old conflict between the wealthy Hanseatic city of Visby and the rural population of Gutnish farmers.
As a Gute, the walls of the city have always been an imposing reminder of your social rank. The townspeople are rich and high-minded, but now it is time to make peace, for a new enemy is coming. The Danish king Valdemar Atterdag approaches with an armada to take the island and it is your duty as an islander to defend it.

Visby Archer is an indie game set in a fact-based reconstruction of Visby, the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia. The game was born out of a hackathon for a public event during the Medieval Week on Gotland.

Disclaimer: Visby Archer requires Rift S or Rift using at least three sensors.


Disir Productions AB



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