Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience (PC)

The Ascent is a Free-Roaming highly immersive virtual reality experience harnessing the power of under-floor bass-shakers, haptic suits, smart-plugs and gun stocks. With additional hardware, The Ascent brings you and your team right into the game with tailored special effects: feel the ground beneath your feet shake when enemies approach, feel the grasp of your enemy with tailored haptic body feedback, feel the air rush over your head with smart-plug climate control.

Designed for VR from the ground up, The Ascent is a premium VR experience where you and up to four friends work together to clear the FuriCorp research facility of its infestation. Bespoke Boss's have special abilities that shake the ground beneath you, an intuitive weapon and healing system allow players to get into the action fast without complex controls. In multiplayer mode, a detailed administration UI make running the game a breeze, where every aspect of the game is controlled from a central server. In single-player mode put on your wireless headset or backpack PC and face the challenge alone over 5 terrifying difficulty levels.

The recommended play-space is 10mX10m through it is possible to play the game in a smaller play-space, for example 6mX6m, some areas may be unreachable but will not impact the ability to complete the game.

Not for commercial use in Ireland or UK. Please visit our website if you want to use this product commercially in those regions.




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