Drone Racer (PC)

Want to enjoy FPV drone racing at home? Fly through the wide maps.
Switch FPV and TPV view at any time and support both PC and VR play.

◆ Drone combination
- Combine drones with a body, propellers and batteries.
- The performance and center of gravity depends on the parts of the drone.

◆ Single player
- You can play or practice drone racing by yourself
- 6 world maps and 36 tracks

◆ Item Play
- Use 10 items to accelerate and protect your drones or hinder your opponent with missiles and mines.

◆ 1 vs 1 match play
- 1-on-1 mode with other users in real time.

◆ 2 vs 2 Team Play
- Strategic play is needed to hinder other team players or protect allies from enemies.

◆ Free for all
- Up to 4 players can play at the same time and all players are in competition with each other







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