Dark Invasion VR (PC)

In 1985, a peaceful life of a quiet industrial town have turned into a pure nightmare. Police started to receive phone calls about aggressive creatures attacking citizens.

The sheriff and his assistants drove out to investigate the scene, but managed to only report themselves being attacked by a group of people who had went insane. He asked for reinforcements before the connection with him was lost.

You are an ardent gunsmith who just loves some good shooting. By the whims of fate, you are presented with an opportunity to help your hometown deal with uninvited guests, all while doing the thing you enjoy the most.

Complete “Adventure” and “Survival” modes with fists, cold steel, three types of firearms and explosions at your disposal, not to mention an ability to shoot two hands at once. Climb ropes and slide down the cableway. Wiping out zombies and other monsters: knock them out, mutilate different parts of their bodies, but be careful, for they change their behavior depending on your actions.

Hone your skills with different weapons at the shooting range. Collect the artifacts in different rooms in the abandoned house and place them in the right place, while keeping your eyes peeled for prowling hordes of uninvited guests. Find an underground passage in the cellar, clear it from a host of abominations and slay the Spider boss to get outside. On the factory, you will have to find a canister, fill it with fuel from a reservoir, while fending off zombie attacks, and then refuel the car to continue your adventure in the forest. Traverse the wood, through the hills and marshes, to discover a plane crash site with weapons and try to survive to get to the final showdown. During the finale in the abandoned house, you would need to survive six waves of zombies, monsters and boss fights with the help of all might of your weaponry and unlimited ammo.


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Vadim Silver



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