Food Factory VR is an exciting casual game with foods theme. Easy to play and operate, there is a feature that anyone can enjoy easy and fun.
Let's compete with users around the world in various stages that require player competition.

In the lobby of Food Factory VR, there are miniatures in which eight or more stages represented, and they are selected to enter the stage.
You can use the buttons on the player cockpit of each stage you enter to perform various functions such as move, rotate, and fire on your behalf.
During the game's time limit, the rank is determined based on the rank of the mission required by the Food Factory.

Food Factory VR supports single-player and multiplayer, so you can experience it anytime when you are alone or with a friend.
So that it is suitable for both light users who want to play for a short time or heavy users who enjoy playing for a long time to update the record.

Feel the essence of fantasy food games developed with original ideas in Food Factory VR.

Fantastic features include:

1. More than 8 different stages made with novel and fresh ideas
2. Single Mode / Online Multiplayer Mode
3. A beautiful musical tune in fantasy worlds
4. Rhythmic gameplay to excite your whole body







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Diciembre 12, 2019

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