LoginToShootingRangeInServer00 VR (PC)

Please go to Server 00 to check-in and do some practice, Procedure:

1. Enter login code

2. Waste some time in shooting range

3. Find the login port then read the notes

4. Waste some time in shooting range

5. Suppose to do but not because of lazy

Wish best


This FPS game is telling a small story. Find the password in the first level then try to survive 100 seconds by shooting down big numbers of robots in the second level.

You can find some small easter eggs in the game to know what this server00 world is.


This is a Virtual Reality game. The only interaction in game is trigger on your motion controller to fire.

The game can be run on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Micro MR.







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Diciembre 12, 2019

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