Room Escape '1053' (PC)

1053 – Horror Adventure Room Escape Game
Dev. Engine : Unreal 4
Release date : 2019. 11. 25
Genre : Horror, Room Escape, Adventure
Factor of Fear : Object, Ghost, Quest, Locked
Device : Vive(HTC)
Type of game : Horror Room Escape
Inter-action : Move with Controller, Grab the object directly, Solve the quest, Find out key

Contents Introduction
This is a VR adventure game where participants walk around through house to escape from the haunted house.
This is a game where you have to get a key to get inside the house, find clues, solve each quest, and get out of the haunted house safely.

Contents Synopsis
You are one of famous BJ in your country, trying to prove that there is no ghost in the creepy house. Just like any other time, you are film in real time and communicates with users to enter the house.
At that time you heard someone's scream.
"You can't go there!”
However, you have already entered the creepy house, the door closes soon.
Can you get the key which is clue to get out of the haunted house?content Advantages1. Providing a strong sense of immersion through the implementation of a
3D environment
2. Minimize frequent Cyber-sickness in VR content through natural eye change
3. Enjoy the ending that depends on your choice.hashtag#Fear_experience #VR_Experience #Fear_VR #Virtual_Reality #Playground #Cinema_VR #VR_Movie #Stress_Demolition #BJ #Adventure_Game


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