World of Mazes: Chapter 2 - Secrets of the Ancients (Android)

World of Mazes is the story-based VR adventure game you've been waiting for! Hours and hours of gameplay for the fans of maze games, adventure games, storytelling games, and puzzle games!

Experience immersive environments, captivating storyline, unique NPCs, and a variety of fun puzzles in an innovative episodic VR adventure game with a main focus on storytelling. Explore the World of Mazes, an amazing fantasy environment with many mysteries to unravel.

• Deep storyline with a well-thought-out backstory for the world and each chapter.
• Smooth and intuitive gameplay.
• Interesting characters who make you want to know more about them.
• Humorous narratives between the player and NPCs.
• Unique puzzles that are specific to VR and that you can't experience elsewhere.
• Variety of items to gather, store, combine, and use to solve different puzzles.
• And finally more future chapters to come with new environments, characters, puzzles, and stories...


RiseAngle, Inc.


RiseAngle, Inc.