Cubeland VR (PC)

Play multi-play casual shooting game just with your basic moves (collecting, throwing, and avoiding bombs, and moving) by actively using VR device.

Interesting game method in which a player may directly attack the other by throwing bombs or make the other fall by exploding cubes of the bottom terrain.
The game provides five bombs and healing items and requires strategic decisions as the players can use them with a team.

There are regular and highly explosive bombs, and they comprise a chemical bomb that temporarily blinds the other’s eyes; an electronic bomb that temporarily limits the other’s move; and a painkiller bomb that can remove all limitations and restore energy.

As the basic terrain is composed of cube shapes, the players should avoid coming bombs and at the same time, be careful about a space with no cubes on the land.Languague:EnglishFeature: Multi-play VR action game for cooperation and confrontation between users (Developed a multi-play-centered game that can support the players from 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4).
Adopt simple game execution and play methods.
A game that all family members can play.







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Noviembre 25, 2019

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