Unnamed VR (PC)

Unnamed VR is an open-ended sandbox game in which the only goal is to explore and have fun in VR. The setting is a large mansion with 15 interactive mini-game rooms.

In the 'regular rooms' most objects are interactive so you can pick up, juggle, throw or place any small objects. The vases break. The drawers and cupboards open.

Then there are a number of 'mini-game' rooms, such as the adventure room with zip lines, trampolines and climbing walls; the music room; the ping pong room; archery in an old-west stockade; a shooting gallery with a laser gun and photon torpedos; an endlessly reconfiguring maze; the graffiti room; 3d painting room; the toy room and more.

Unnamed VR offers great entertainment value and hours of VR fun for both new and experienced VR users.


Paracosma Inc


Paracosma Inc



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Noviembre 22, 2019

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