Triumph in the Skies (PC)

Triumph in the Skies is a VR exclusive flight simulation game. It makes flight learning cheap, easy and safe, even a rookie can drive training plan or fighter in numerous scenes. Players can also join the game by 2D mode with keyboard, but that will be highly decrease player’s gaming experience.

Real scenes:
High-resolution landscape model, real exterior and interior plane model.

Diversify game mode:
Player can choose planes or scenes in Free Mode, follow the instruction and complete missions in career mode, challenge other pilot’s record in racing mode……tens of levels are waiting for you!

3 aircrafts
Stunt plane — Comet
Cessna C-172
More aircrafts are coming soon!

8 maps
Landscape perfect simulate real city map.
Carrier landing in “Liaoning” which is the first China carrier.
More simulated China airport are coming soon!



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Noviembre 19, 2019

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