I'm Hungry (PC)

Play the role of a fast-food restaurant employee in I'm Hungry VR game. You can definitely learn how to make fries, hamburgers and milk shake in the VR world and possibly the real world, as well!
The game takes advantage of the VR technique, and it perfectly shows a realistic vision of a fast-food kitchen to the gamers. In addition, the controller and the sensing technique can truly restore the various postures of the player while stimulating the fast-food restaurant employee's work.
Since the player's in-game operation is exactly the same as the moving speed in the real world, the player won't feel uncomfortable while playing I'm Hungry.
Enjoy your fast-food restaurant experience!

Features-Random choice from the customers makes the task more interesting.
-Career Mode: Offers various tasks and you can earn money to purchase the equipment.
-Endless Mode: Unlimited time challenge till you feel all pooped out.
-Each level has a performance rating and various rewards.
-Keep abreast of your global online rankings.


Light Studio



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I'm Hungry (PlayStation 4)

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Noviembre 1, 2019

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