Survived (PC)

The game was played in the 1990s at a private hospital called Hopkins, outside the city of Connors, North America. The protagonist is a medical staff, because he is not well enough to take a few days off. When he returns to work in the hospital, he finds that today is not the same as in the past. The hospital is silent, bloodstains and corpses are everywhere. The protagonist in panic wants to escape, but is attacked by his colleagues crazily. He has no choice but to escape to the ward and get out of the ward. Outside the door is a mutant named Ashley. Ashley has a tragic past. She married a rich family, but did not live a rich life. She was tortured by domestic violence and cruelty until her mental disorder. In order to escape the law, her husband bought Hopkins'psychiatrist Rogan and thought through it. After creating a medical accident to fake Ashley's death, Luo was a medical professor who wanted to explore the limits of the human brain. He was expelled from college for some terrible ideas and experiments, and then went out of town to become a psychiatrist. His experiments did not stop. Ashley witnessed Rogan himself. The horrible experiment was gouged out by Logan, and then used in vivo research. Ashley's husband supported Logan's experiment with financial and human resources behind his back, so he kept his eyes hidden. Finally, Logan's intensification experiment succeeded. After the injection, there would be a strong sense of fear and loss of emotional awareness, and he became furious and angry. Strong offensive and defensive force, Ashley so violent mutation, killing Logan fled, and then infected other people in the hospital, Logan did not die, follow-up content Logan will become the key BOSS.
Game play: the core of the game is to decrypt shooting exploration as a whole, through the discovery of clues to trigger the main story line, enhance the sense of game substitution, so that players in the whole game process continue to dig for the truth, and finally whether they can survive, whether they can return to the past life after surviving, or more cruel reality.







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Noviembre 1, 2019

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