Particulate (PC)

Play with particle physics. Create and save dynamic scenes using an array of tools. Witness complex physical interactions and emergent behavior.

PARTICULATE simulates millions of tiny particles using the massive parallel processing power of VR-capable graphics cards (like yours!). Built using a new and fully-custom engine for high performance, PARTICULATE is a physics sandbox but also a fully-fledged creative tool.

PARTICULATE comes with interactive featured scenes for when you just want to relax and watch cool stuff happen. Or you can build and save your own scenes when you're feeling creative.

Ten different types of tools can be placed into scenes statically, or you can record (and loop) their motion using a simple press-move-release mechanic. Tools include several particle emitters, the Attractor/Repeller, Orbiter, Collision Sphere, Distortion Field, Dragger, and Stirrer.

Turn on Audio Reactivity and play your own music (using any app) to add a whole new dimension to any scene.


Mike Turitzin


Mike Turitzin


Oculus Steam

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