Oceans We Make (PC)

Drop into a pristine ocean that's teeming with life, and observe the beautiful surroundings just as you would if you were scuba diving. But don't get too comfy! You'll have to help with an important task that is simple enough... until it's not! Oceans We Make is a 5-minute, award-winning experience designed for impact. Using stunning visuals and straightforward gameplay, this underwater experience will leave you thinking about our beautiful oceans and what we can do to save them - all in under 5 minutes. The experience is ideal for use as a conversation-starter for families and groups of all ages. It's a great introduction to VR and, more importantly, it's a glimpse into our future if we don't act now.

Ideal use cases for this experience include schools, museums, aquariums and events aiming to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution.


Warrior9 VR



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Octubre 25, 2019

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