Cucumber Defense VR (PC)

"Cucumber Defense VR" has a lovely Low Poly graphic style. The relaxed and refreshing tower defense mode lets you immerse in the VR world and forget the real world's troubles for a while. Grab your weapons to protect the the final fruit of the planet.

Simple visual teaching panels can let novice players get started quickly. We only have three operations, teleport, grab and shoot, even if you have never experienced VR before, you can get started quickly.

All objects in the ready room have physical simulations that can be used to practice or destroy.

Characteristic Weapon Mechanism: Weapons are no good or bad, but the people who use them. Choose the right weapon, the right weapon can help you get a higher score. Each weapon has a unique way to play, such as a pan that can protect you from enemies's bullet or throw it out and knock enemy out. Tomato can also be used as grenade, and much more!

Boss with a slightly challenges: to ensure that the mysterious Boss does not destroy the fruit's protective shield, but also to be always on guard against the harassment of petty bugs, so the timing of weapon switching are crucial.







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