SGN VR Games Starter Pack (Android)

Four games to get you started on your VR Journey. Perfect for new VR Gamers, or even experienced players looking for short round competitions.

Space Flyer - Fly through as many gates as possible until you run out of fuel. Shoot asteroids to gain more fuel.

Maze Runner - Find the treasure chest at the end of the maze in the fastest time. Maze is different every time you play.

Zombie Shoot - Kill as many Zombies as you can within the time limit. Get more time each time you kill one. Zombies can only be killed with head shots.

Hoop Shots - Get as many Basketballs through the hoop within the time limit. Get more time each shot you make.

Note that though you can play the game standing or sitting as no walking is required, Cave Runner may not be as comfortable to all players as the other games are.


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