The OmniGallery (PC)

The OmniGallery is a multiverse of art exhibits, committed to collecting the great works of art of the past, present and future. The first exhibit, The Classic Hill, features some of the best classical art. Walk or teleport through the collection and get as close as you want to the art that inspired millions.
Over 60 artworks, 20 with longer, narrated descriptions, and over a dozen 3D scanned sculptures. All in English and Spanish. The rest of the 300+ works will be displayed in the upcoming exhibits.

This is an optimized version. Download the full version at the EternalEchoes VR website.

The upcoming exhibits will feature the work of 3D sculptors, animators and digital illustrators, who will have their works displayed alongside the masters of the past.

Stay tuned for upcoming additions or brand new exhibits, like The Vault, The Diorama-rama and The Main Hall.

Please consider donating at the EternalEchoesVR website to support future exhibits.


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