Beat Champion (PC)

Beat Champion is a VR rhythm game that amps up the challenge by subjecting the player to 4 colors, 4 directions, and notes that vanish!

Yes, Beat Champion is a rhythm game, meaning you will destroy notes in sync with music. But that's where the similarities to other rhythm games end. Beat Champion stands out by adding a whole new level of challenge never seen before. Notes are represented by 4 colors, 2 per hand. Notes come from 4 directions, and notes disappear and reappear.

Each hand can destroy 2 colors and are toggled between by the player. Instead of just adding more notes to increase difficulty, Beat Champion challenges your hand and eye coordination, your reaction times, and your memory. The simple addition of 4 colors completely changes the dynamic of a VR rhythm game.

Beat Champion will launch with 10 songs, but will support user created custom songs and mods. Each copy of the game will come with a Beat Champion Editor tool.

Unique Features
Musical notes are represented by 4 colors, not 2, making gameplay unique and challenging in new and fun ways.
Notes can come from behind you, in front of you, or to the side of you. These direction changes often occur multiple times during a song, but it's obvious to the player when to turn and where to face.
Notes can vanish after spawning and reappear when closer to you.
Players can create custom tracks using the included Editor tool.
Players can mod level and note colors.
Vive, Oculus, and WMR supported
LIV supported
Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR


Toast Hotel Game Studio



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Marzo 6, 2020

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